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IMANI MITCHELL is a multidisciplinary artist based in Northern California who specializes in writing, directing, and acting. For the past 10 years, she has worked as a professional actor and is the founder of IAM Studios.


Born and raised in Sacramento, CA, Imani developed her love for storytelling at any early age. She began her artistic journey as a writer and spent most of her childhood crafting creative fiction and poetry.


After receiving her Associate’s degree in Theatre Arts, she began her acting career in theatre, film, and commercials. Due to a lack of diversity and representation in the arts, Imani was motivated to create her film production company, IAM Studios. In 2019, she wrote, directed, and produced her first feature film, WHIRLPOOL.

Imani utilizes experience as an actor to inform her directing style. Her approach to directing is both collaborative and innovative - full of rhythm and fluidity. Authenticity in storytelling is crucial to Imani's work as an artist and she strives to produce projects that introduce new narratives. She is devoted to her community and welcomes the opportunity for collaboration with other artists.

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