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Imani Mitchell interview

Meet Imani Mitchell
December 2022


"I’ve found there is no way to escape the struggle as a creative. Creating my own original works is laborious, time-consuming, and frankly – expensive. However, it is a struggle I welcome and am comfortable with."

Two-person show highlights love of life and love of baseball
September 2022

"It's hard to find diverse roles and it's also hard to find diversity off the stage as well. I don't think I've seen a black woman direct a show for many years of my life. I think we need more diversity in writing and more diversity in directing."

B Street Theatre's
"Love and Baseball" at the Sofia

September 2022
CBS News / Good Day Sacramento

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First time filmmaker wants to create 'authentic stories with Black actors'
February 2021

"I started acting in film, but a lot of the roles I'd get called for were either extra roles or background roles, but in theater I was being casted in leading roles. At that time, I thought I'd love to create roles for Black actors that I'd want to do."


5 Women to Watch
Sacramento News & Review
January 2020

“I think for people who want to make women feel less than, or make women feel inferior or abuse women, people will call you out now. There’s an accountability. Folks are feeling more empowered.”



Filmmaker Imani Mitchell Shares Inspiration
The Sacramento Observer
August 2019

“I think Black men deserve to have more complex and vulnerable stories in the medium,” Ms. Mitchell said. “Often we have these monolithic, stereotypical, same roles, over and over. Black men deserve more complicated and nuanced roles. Malik is a complicated role. It has a lot of layers to him.”


WHIRLPOOL by Sacramento Film Director, Imani Mitchell
Sac Cultural Hub
July 2019

"My dad passed away a few years ago.  I got my love of movies from him and he always told me to write a movie.  You need a good story, no matter how much money you have and you need a reliable and talented team.  Find people who work like you and that you can depend on and work well with."

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